Who We Are

Who We Are

Who We Are

Consulcamp has been building its history for more than 40 years and over this time we have perfected our service offering to meet the control and management challenges of large, small and medium enterprises.

Our Mission and reason for being ensure business sustainability. We strive to help companies strengthen and expand their markets, through mitigation of tax risks, detection of threats and opportunities, optimizing the tax burden, creating effective strategies and good governance. Thanks to a team of experts, standing alongside the administrator, we provide the information urgently needed or decision making.

Our client portfolio, with the middle market segment prominent, encompasses various business sectors, such as Trade, Distribution, Industry, Agribusiness, Services and the Third Sector.

We envision a future in which knowledge is constantly renewed, to respond to a business environment that increasingly breaks paradigms.

Our culture, our values

We are a company based on expertise and relationships.

Our clients rely on a team that closely monitors the evolution of various types of business and the challenges for company relations in the face of changes and amendments to corporate, accounting, fiscal and tax legislation. Our primary goal is to establish real trust with our clients.

We thus guide decision-makers toward doing what it takes to ensure transparency, legality and cost effectiveness, adding value to their business.

We constantly invest in training and continuing education for our personnel from technical and humanistic standpoints. Our team is guided by ethics and constant updating on the quality assessment methodologies and systems used in projects.

We are committed to disseminating healthy control and management practices at enterprises.